Monkey Marshmallow Brownie Bites



Cocoa powder
Greek yogurt
Peanut butter
Mashed banana
Mini marshmallows
A drizzle of honey

Go Bananas

Does “two-bite® brownies” ring a bell? You know, those little monsters that should actually be named “pound-down-by-the-bag® brownies”? I venture that these brownie bites are even better. A bold claim, I know, but how could peanut butter and banana not make brownie bites better? The combination is incomparable. Married with mini marshmallows that impart a chewy texture, behold a match made in heaven.

Preheat oven to 350º. Mix ingredients. Throw in bacon if you want to channel your inner King of Rock. Bake in a mini-muffin pan (or in whichever pan that pleases you) for about 15 minutes. Eat hot, cold, or even nine days old (if your monkey or human friends do not snatch them up and scarf them down before then).


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